Karate and the many benefits inside and outside the dojo

Self-defense, weight loss, exercise, are just a few of the many reasons why many people start karate training. But as the training continues and you advance, you soon figure out that your motivation and reasons for training have changed.

One of the biggest benefits that I find from training in Karate is the structure and discipline that it brings to my life outside of the dojo.

In order to achieve and reach your goals in karate, you need to have self discipline, determination, passion, and above all else, a “CAN DO ATTITUDE”!

This of course doesn’t happen overnight, and takes months and years of practice in the dojo. You will find that the longer you train, not only does your physical fitness grow stronger, but your mental fitness will grow strong and the practice of not giving up and challenging yourself starts to become part of your everyday life!

I’m not stating that you will never have a bad day again or never struggle in life, but the ebony and flow of life will be easier to navigate when you train your mind and body.

Don’t just take my word for it. Stop by the dojo and take a tour. Then take the 2 month challenge for yourself and find out why so many people all over the world practice and train in Karate Do.

For more info on the two month challenge please visit our website and complete the contact info.

Train often, train hard, train because it’s good for you!

Maine Sensei