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Smith Family

Our 4 year old son has been training at White mountain karate under sempai since February 2020, He absolutely loves these classes sempai and miss Kelsey have such a great energy about them and really know how to connect to the kids. They have done a amazing job considering the pandemic, Sempai released videos during this time so we could practice at home and have recently opened with restrictions so it's great to get back into the Dojo thank you Sensei, Sempai and Miss Kelsey for all that you do.
The Smith Family.

Jon Sayre reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

It's really a great place! The instructor is an amazing teacher. He not only has great passion about the style and technique that he has learned over the years, but he also teaches the history of the style and how it came to be!

Dave Flynn reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

WMK is a great place to learn karate! The students are very friendly and they go the extra mile to help you. Sensei Christian creates a friendly atmosphere and his knowledge of Uechi Ryu karate is amazing!! You won't be disappointed!!

Jamie Berube reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

My son 4 year old Sawyer has been doing karate for about 6 months at White Mt Karate and I could be happier!! Senpai is nothing but patient and loving! (We all know what a 4 year old boys are like sometimes) We just love it here!!

Kelly Mullen Wieser reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

Our daughter has been learning and growing with WMK for several years now. My favorite aspect of the program is the mind/body focus where the student is not just honing karate skills but spending time on personal development as well. The Maines and WMK are an important part of our community.

John J Guarnieri reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

If you want your child to have an extremely positive activity in their life in a supportive environment then send them here. If you are an adult or teen looking to improve your life then go here. Go here and improve. It's that simple, can't say enough

Erika Sakin reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

Thank you so much for your hard work planning my son's Superhero birthday party! You really went above and beyond to plan themed games, the Superhero obstacle course, and even theme music! All the kids were thrilled, and all the parents commented on what a fantastic job you did! I was even able to sit back and enjoy the party! Thank you again for making my son's day so special!

John Krueckeberg reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

My daughter has learned self-respect and self-discipline, among many other things, and has been coached/taught with so much respect -- from when she did not even own a belt, to now being a (Junior) Black Belt Candidate. This place is the best!

Lizza Taylor reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

My son and I have been students at White Mountain Karate for a year. I can tell you that I am a very busy professional, I work full time and have a very full family life. I had always wanted to try karate but did not feel I would have the time. After my shy son had been in the class for a month I decided to give it a try. Christian and Jenn put their heart and soul in to this Dojo. I never feel pressured to do something I can not, but am always encouraged to keep going and trying my best. White mountain Karate is all about balance of mind ,body and spirit in the dojo and in the real world. with teaching of virtue, self confidence and humility, perseverance and self control. I would highly recommend White Mountain Karate.

Julie Corey Price reviewed White Mountain Karate
via Facebook

I go to Friday and Saturday morning classes every week I can and feel so much stronger for it. it's a fantastic workout and fun too! What wonderful people to work with.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Why Karate training for yourself or your child is fun and rewarding

According to studies, around 70 percent of kids in the United States stop playing organized sports by the age of 13 because they claimed “it’s just not fun anymore.”

Kids and Karate

Kids will find that one of the best things about karate is that everyone gets an opportunity to participate and develop their skills. No one is forced to sit on the sidelines or make tryouts in hopes to secure a place on the team. Another great thing is, it is a surprisingly easy activity to get involved in. Last but not least, Karate doesn’t require much in terms of equipment beyond the gi or traditional uniform.

Adults have a hard time staying disciplined to keep up with a training regimen, due to the fact that after times, it’s just not fun enough or engaging enough to keep them interested.

Adults and Karate

Adults will find that Karate is great for building strength without weights. This means that you decrease the risk of injury. It also uses principles of isometrics and plyometrics to increase natural strength and power. Along with the physical aspect of karate, the mind is engaged through many of the different drills and exercises that are practiced in the dojo. With all of that, Karate is just plain fun, and the social environment is based on everyone helping each other get better through the practice of Karate!

Earning a black belt builds character skills

With karate, unlike many other activities and sports, you are constantly learning new techniques. Mastering the skills needed for your next belt promotion means gaining confidence and self-discipline, which are important lifelong skills. It also keeps karate practices from becoming boring or predictable.

Advancing from belt to belt, or even earning a new stripe for a belt, is highly motivating and encourages kids and adults to set and achieve their long-term goals. Earning a black belt can take anywhere between three to seven years. More importantly, holding a black belt is an achievement that a child or adult will likely treasure and be proud of for many years to come.  

Karate can be a individual or family affair

Kids as young as three years old or adults at any age, can practice right alongside with siblings, parents, and spouses. The benefit of family or couple training together creates many years of great memories and strengthens the bond of the family.  Plus, it allows parents and spouses the opportunity to master new skills and improve their own fitness instead of sitting on the sidelines.


Final Thoughts


The long term health benefits of a proper karate program is immeasurable. But don’t take my word for it. Schedule a 30 minute tour of the dojo and find out for yourself why Karate is fun and rewarding!

Have fun and live a rewarding life,


Sensei Maine