White Mountain Uechi-Ryu Karate - Campton, NH

White Mountain Karate Demo



This program is ideal to help develop focus, discipline, coordination, and courtesy in our younger students, all while having fun learning self defense skills through katas and drills in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. 



Martial Arts is ideal in developing a teen’s confidence, fitness, flexibility, and coordination, while learning basic self defense skills.  This non competitive environment helps a teen focus on their own improvements.    



This unique curriculum helps a person develop in ways physically, emotionally and mentally.  All that is learned can be applied in the real world in all areas.    



Different, fun packages to choose from, including Nerf Gun Blaster Party, Drums Alive and Karate Party. Best part???? We do all the work…..set up, entertain, clean up. We even have the pizza delivered!!! Doesn’t get any better than that!!



Women’s Fitness and Drums Alive programs…..keeping you fit and having a great time.  Classes for any fitness levels.   


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